Starsauthentic makes the signature collection more value

Starsauthentic is an American professional autograph authentication institutions, involving range is very wide, including fall edition (items) used by the game, autographs and some special souvenir.

And the UDA, PSA, JSA almost famous.But all the signatures of the company’s web site in baidu search is difficult to search, this may be there is a certain relationship and China is not sound.Like most foreign signature company, starsauthentic business including star signed a cooperation agreement with star (namely and some star sign a cooperation agreement or club, each cycle club will let players signed and provided to the company), as well as some appraisal business (business such as: some fans on the road and tunnel for autographs, company will use the patent, compare the professional identification technology, as the player signed the corresponding certificate) how to identify starsauthentic certificate of authenticity: starsauthentic company are labels on the certificate, and have signature items photos for corresponding.

And you can login website input code query the corresponding products.Have digital anti-counterfeit trademarks, such as input A * * * * * to click SEARCH can check the signature of the corresponding Starsauthentic query website, for global collectors query.In China also can login (as if some websites in China to run the official web site, and may need to escape to login).

STARSAUTHENTC certification is reliable, the United States market more perfect, regulatory aspects are in place, and identification technology mature, makes the signature collection more value meaning and value.

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